Back on Set for automotive Parts

February 25, 2015

Hi everybody,

so, it has been a while since my last activity on set. It was great being in this big studio at r2n-studio. We parked a nice shiny car on the stage an prepared everything around it for a nice clean lighting and reflections. Great fun! We shot with a Sony F700 and an Odyssey 7Q. Michael Presser from framekit was producer, Achim Wendel director and camera, Patrick Dewayne was our mod for the whole thing and Susanne Luckas did his make up. Oh, myself had control over the autocue and an eye on the shots, so everything would work as smooth as possible in post. Every single person involved did an outstanding job, including the selfmade dolly.

2 days of shooting like machines for 5 small clips in german an english,  but everything went very well. And thanks to the premade batch list we prepared on set, rough cuts where done in 2 days. Awesome!

I will post some results as soon as possible. And if I get any tipps and learnings out of this project, I will let you know.

And now some pictures with a big Thanks to Magali Hauser from r2n-studios; best set assistant ever!